Episode #41 – Konstantinos Kokkinis (Artipia Games) / Project ELITE

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Today’s interview is with Konstantinos Kokkinis of Artipia Games. Artipia has partnered with DrawLab Entertainment to bring you Project ELITE, on Kickstarter now.

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Issue #264 – Heroes From Earth


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Heroes From Earth

Project image
Heroes From Earth is a unique Role Play Game book with Videos, Maps, and 28mm Miniatures.

According to Cliff Robbins, Creative Director, “We have created a fusion of pen and paper role play game with a modern Game Master Support System. In other words, we have combined an RPG book together with a high-quality video for the Game Masters and Players to see, and then move through, the amazing landscapes of Millennium.” 

As a Pathfinder Compatibility Licensed book, Heroes From Earth, is a 128-page adventure based on the story world of Millennium, a complete world the authors spent twenty-five years creating. The entire project is enhanced by their vision of the ideal GM support system, featuring top-quality Videos (DVD Blue-Ray disc), poster-sized 24’ x 32’ Grid Maps, 24’ x 32’ global Relief Maps, and a complete line of 28mm Miniatures. Other related products can be seen at their Kickstarter preview site (link address below).

The foundation for all the Role Play Game products is the planet, Millennium, a world that encompasses an entire globe, not just one territory or a single kingdom. The detailed relief and parchment maps of both the Upperworld and the Underworld depict more than 3,500 mythological names to compliment the land masses, oceans, and the Underworld. See Heroes From Earth now on Kickstarter


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The Lair of the Lich Ling Press Release

KS-Ad-A-band-in-all-hopeThe Lair of the Lich King announces Kickstarter launch May 24th
Sunday, May 24th the Dubious Alliance fantasy bluffing card game will launch their second Kickstater campaign to produce the Lair of the Lich King adventure path. This expansion to the base game will be celebrated with a tournament and live event at the KublaCon gaming in South San Francisco.

Dubious Alliance is a fantasy bluffing card game for 3 – 7 players and takes about 40 minutes to play. Players are a band of Orcs on a fantasy adventure to collect treasures, fight monsters and win command of the tribe. The game is a fun ‘cooperative backstabber’ that plays like a role playing game but with the speed of a card game. Learn more about Dubious Alliance on their website, www.dubiousalliance.com

5602113 The first edition of Dubious Alliance was successfully funded and produced in 2014. The ‘red box’ first edition featured a villainous colossal dragon. This year’s Kickstarter will introduce a new villain. Shuffle out your dragon cards and shuffle in the Lair of the Lich King.

The Lair of the Lich King adventure path features an invincible undead wizard-king, his horrific monsters, traps and treasures. The funding goal begins with thirteen illustrated Lich King game cards and unlocked Kickstarter stretch goals will likely fund more. The Lich King also introduces a Level Drain system and seven Level Drain status cards which raise the danger of adventuring in his lair.
The Lair of the Lich Ling Kickstarter campaign will offer wonderful backer rewards including personalized Vanity Player cards. The highly anticipated Secret Mission booster cards and other add-ons will provide several ways to amass great rewards and support the production of the Lair of the Lich King edition.

3286066Dubious Alliance had a great Kickstarter launch at KublaCon 2014, funding in the first 2 days of the convention. The Lair of the Lich King is poised to be another exciting convention kickoff. Brandon Raasch, game designer, will host a prize laden game tournament Saturday. Sunday at 5pm in the Main Lobby, member of A Band of Orcs will be on site to promote the first day of the Kickstater. This includes a live action gaming event with the Orcs and a Lich King!

Mark your calendar to join the Kickstarter May 24th and help open the Lair of the Lich King.