Privateers! Press Release


Privateers!, The Pirate Adventure Board Game, Launched on Kickstarter

Myling Games launches Kickstarter campaign to finance the first true high seas pirate adventure board game that can be played cooperatively.

Privateers! is a cooperative / team / solo pirate adventure board game on an alternate Earth overrun by mon- sters, magic, Atlantean relics, aliens, demons and cultists of the Old Gods. Players control privateer captains  with ship and crew. They fight each other, or the game with its numerous ships and supernatural allies. Captains explore old ruins, battle enemy ships, raid settlements, trade and generally have a good time in the port cities of the New World. The better ship, crew and equipment they get, the more powerful they become, but sooner or later they will have to face the best the enemy can muster!

”I love the heavily thematic cooperative adventure games out on the market, but something was missing”, said Tina Engström, the game’s designer. ”I love the 17th and 18th centuries, old ships and the folklore of the time. And I really wanted to be able to play a cooperative game like that in a setting much like what you find in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Having many years of tabletop game development experience I figured I’d just make a game like that myself. After creating three roleplaying games in the same world, where two took place during the 17th century, it came almost natural to set it in this slightly absurd world of horror, conspiracy, hid- den history, heroics and folklore. To get the right feel, the setting naturally had to be the New World during the Golden Age of Piracy.”

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Myling Games is a small press game company with four years in the business. During that time they have pub- lished six roleplaying games with supplements, and have three more in the works for release within a year. Myling has run five successful crowdfunding campaigns before for different Swedish games and supplements. While earlier works have filled a few gaps in the Swedish market, Privateers! is designed for a much wider international audience.

The campaign’s fundraising goal will allow Myling Games to professionally print the game and ship it to backers. The goal is set so that the campaign funds will cover the entire project cost with shipping, taxes, container cus- toms, artwork, miniature sculpts and Kickstarter fees. This includes funding a fulfilment service, making shipping from within the United States, European Union and probably China, Australia and Canada possible, as well as ensuring a timely release of a high-quality game.

The funding levels giving backers the core game, will also give an exclusive booster pack with a bunch of cool and strange bonus cards as a token of appreciation. The higher funding levels will even give backers an extra booster pack focusing on the buccaneers of the 17th century, as well as the chance to contribute to the game in different ways. The tiers are setup to make it easy for international purchasers and groups to get the game, with free shipping to the largest markets and every price and cost displayed in multiple currencies.

1Check out Privateers! on! You might even find the board game you have been looking for.

The Kickstarter campaign for Privateers! – The Board Game runs from October 23 to December 2, 2014!


If you would like more information about Privateers! or the project, or to schedule an interview with Tina or Jörgen please email  or send us a Tweet @MylingGames.

Jörgen Engström

ZtoZ Press Release

cardbacksmedThey that laugh last…are probably zombies.

ZtoZ, a survival party game from Mind the Gap Studios, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 13th for $13 in the US.

About the game:

In ZtoZ, players are trying to survive a night sitting around a table surrounded by a horde of zombies. To accomplish this goal, they need to do their best zombie impersonations while reading a card and making eye contact with another player at the table. The catch is that zombies have no sense of humor so any player caught laughing, smiling, etc is obviously not a zombie and is infected/eaten by the horde and joins them around the table.
But, being a zombie isn’t too bad. You get to spend the rest of the game “helping” by making zombie noises, participating in the human face-offs by mimicking the reader or just being silly in the background, and, once each round, the zombie horde gets to pick targets at the table for an additional face-off.
The last player at the table wins.

Number of players: 

ZtoZ works with 3 but is best with 10+ or as many as you can gather.
ZtoZ plays in about 10 minutes for a single game.
Age suggestion: 10+
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HELVETIA Cup Press Release

helvetiaHELVETIA Cup is a simulation football (soccer) game set in a fantasy world.

As a team coach, you  compete in single matches, epic cups and titanic championships! HELVETIA Cup pits two player (ages 6 and up) against each other.  It’s your job to manage tactics and strategy, account for injuries, penalties and training as you lead a team of 9 players around the gaming board (arena).  Action is controlled with a roll of the dice during matches as each player is defined by their skill levels  – defense, offense and endurance.  HELVETIA Cup comes with 70 beautifully painted figurines and can be played with Family or Geek rules!

Check out this project on Kickstarter!