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Oct 20, 2014 – Issue #238



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Should I Buy This?

Lords of Xidit (2014)
Details: 3-5 Players, 90 Minutes
Surveyed Gamers Say:
33.33% Own and Love
33.33% Plan to Buy
0.00% Will Try It First
16.67% Might Play It
0.00% It Wasn’t for Me
16.67% Not Interested

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Bring out yer Dead Press Release


‘Bring out yer Dead’ launched on Kickstarter in time for Halloween

Salt Lake City, Utah – Oct. 17, 2014 – Bring out yer Dead by Aaron Watts, a 2-5 player board game with a morbid twist hit Kickstarter yesterday with a fantastic first day! Ginger Ale Games, a new start-up game publishing company with Designer Max Holliday at the helm, knew Halloween season was the perfect time to bring this game of grave family matters to the masses.

With more than 130 backers and over $6,000 pledged in the first 24 hours of the campaign, this freshman release from Ginger Ale Games is right on target to hit their funding goal of $35,000 before the Kickstarter ends on Nov. 26, just after BGG.Con.

Bring out yer Dead has you vying against other families in town to bury your dead family members in the best grave plots in the city’s most pretegious cemetery. The head of your family has died, leaving you dead last on the will. No one expected to have to contend with the utter laziness of The Grave Digger! He only takes a certain number of bodies on his cart daily. Any bodies that don’t fit will end up in the river! It may just be time to beg, swap graves – or rob them – in order to ensure you get what should be yours!

Each copy of the game will come with a double-sided game board (one side for 2-3 players & one side for 4-5 players); 98 Tarot-sized cards (Treasure Deck, Fate Deck, Cart Deck, 5 Starting Decks); 65 wooden coffin tokens in 5 colors and one hour-glass shaped first player token.

With a fantastic game design by Aaron Watts, gorgeous art by Mike Groves and graphic design & game development by Max Holliday, Bring out yer Dead is the perfect game for any board game group or family – albeit the twisted family.

For more information, visit our Kickstarter page. You can also follow us on Twitter at @GingerAleGames1 or on Facebook at BringOutYerDead.


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