The Best in Board Games – In 5 Minutes or Less!
Sept 9, 2013 – Issue #40


The winner of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is Chad Chapman! Congratulations! If you are bummed you didn’t win don’t fret – check the hot deals below for another chance to win this game! A new TiBG contest is coming soon – perhaps tomorrow?


  • Starting today I’m recording a regular short feature spot (on behalf of TiBG) for the newly revamped Dice Tower News podcast!
  • Asmodee announces Koryo, an exciting card game of politics and betrayal, and Cardline: Globetrotter, the next game in the popular Timeline series coming in October.
  • Victory Point Games has posted an update on their latest releases.


Kickstart Corner

  • Capo dei Capi – push your luck dice in prohibition New York (29 days, $6.5k goal)
  • Cubist – Build an art museum with dice (28 days, $10k goal, Gryphon / Eagle Games)
  • Warbucks – Area control + deckbuilding strategy (28 days, $55k goal)
  • Codinca – Quick fire abstract strategy game (29 days, $13k goal, Game Salute Supported)
  • The Z Deck – A reinvention of playing cards with new features (28 days, $7k goal)
  • Play Ball – Ultra-realistic baseball board game (44 days, $25k goal)
  • Gettysburg: The Valley of Death – giant wargame (29 days, $20k goal)
  • Out of Sight Football – Dry-erase dexterity American football game (29 days, $2.5k goal)
  • Stinky Donkey – 2-6 player card game in English & Spanish (27 days, $5.5k goal)

Reviews & Previews

Smash Monster Rampage

Smash Monster Rampage from 5th Street Games is a co-op game for 1-5 players who attempt to defeat a giant monster before it destroys the city. Position tanks & helicopters to attack while rescuing survivors before the monster knocks down all the buildings. Variant play is one vs. all with a player controlling the monster. A $35 pledge will get you a copy.


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Project of the Day

The Back it for a Buck Challenge (B4B) encourages gamers to back 10 board game related Kickstarter projects during the month of September for $1.00 (or more) each. The Project of the Day is a suggested project you may wish to back.


Plan the perfect heist in this fast paced card game for 3+ players
On Kickstarter until October 11