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Oct 9, 2013 – Issue #62


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  • Fantasy Flight has announced four new Lieutenant Packs for Descent 2.0
  • Max Temkin (of Cards Against Humanity fame) is the subject of outcry from disgruntled backers of his Werewolf Kickstarter project for failing to either deliver or provide updated information on the project.


  • Pegasus Spiele is giving away 5 copies of Rokoko via BGG.

Kickstart Corner

  • Pandante – Gambling / bluffing game from David Sirlin (28 days, $30k goal)
  • Tablewar – Miniature travel storage solution (32 days, $15k goal)
  • Lie Your Face Off! – Outrageous lie-crafting game (29 days, $11k goal)
  • Dominion Storage Chest – Hand-crafted storage for all your cards (29 days, $2k goal)
  • Infraction – Futuristic crime wars game (31 days, £6.5k goal)
  • Daredevils & Co. – Steampunk tactical card game (59 days, £6.7k goal)
  • Grand Tour – Cycling race board game (59 days, $25k goal)
  • Fall of Savarion – Fantasy strategy wargame (29 days, $15k goal)

Reviews & Previews

Twilight Struggle

Now the top-rated game on Board Game Geek, Twilight Struggle perfectly captures the tensions and history of the Cold War. Two players compete (one as the US and the other Soviet Russia) to gain the upper hand without plunging the world into nuclear war. Elegant card-based mechanics make this strategically deep while still having a more moderate learning curve.


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Project of the Day

The Back it for a Buck Challenge (B4B) encourages gamers to back 10 board game related Kickstarter projects during the current month for $1.00 (or more) each. The Project of the Day is a suggested project you may wish to back.

Way of the Tiger

Reprint of classic CYOA game book. First in series
On Kickstarter until November 1