Accept the “Back it for a Buck” (B4B) Challenge!

What is it?

The Back it for a Buck (B4B) Challenge is a community effort of board gamers. The goal of the B4B is to show support for the designers and publishers that are putting their time and effort into bringing you great new games via Kickstarter (and other crowdfunding platforms), and to help those designers and publishers connect with gamers. Those who accept the B4B Challenge agree to back 10 different Kickstarter projects in the current month for $1 each.

How does it work?

If you accept the challenge you are agreeing to a $10 commitment. Throughout the course of the month you agree to back 10 different Kickstarter board games or board game accessory projects for just $1.00 each  (£1 for UK projects, $1CAD for Canadian projects). The choice of which projects to back is yours. Of course, you are not limited to 10 projects – you can back as many as you wish. Nor are you limited to $1 pledges. If you like a project and want to back for a full version of the game please do so!

Every weekday during the month (excluding holidays) the newsletter will feature a B4B Project of the Day. You are encouraged to take a look at the project of the day and if it appeals to you show your support by backing it for $1 or more. Throughout the course of the month there will be roughly 20 different projects of the day – so you can pick and choose the projects you would like to back. Of course, you aren’t limited to just backing the projects of the day – they are merely suggestions. Backing any 10 board game related projects will complete the challenge. If demand is high we may feature more than one “Project of the Day” each issue.

Why should I participate?

Game designers and publishers pour countless hours of time and effort into bringing you the games you love to play. Often independant designers and small publishers make little to no profit on a game – but they still invest their time, energy, and money because they love to create fun games for us to play. By joining in the B4B Challenge you are saying a big “Thank You!” to all the game designers, small publishers, and accessory manufacturers that have given of themselves to support the community. Participating in the challenge only costs you a total of $10 for the month – so it won’t break your budget.

At the end of the month Today in Board Games will host a virtual “award ceremony” for those who completed the challenge. We’ll try and get a BGG Microbadge for participants and give out some random prizes as a thank you.

Just a buck? How does that help?

As any Kickstarter project owner can attest – every dollar helps! But more importantly by backing a project (even at a $1 pledge level) you are showing support for that project and its creator. Game designers and publishers love to see backers support their projects, and projects which have a strong showing of support are more likely to be successful. Plus by backing a project you are kept informed of the progress and updates to that project and have the chance to interact directly with its creator. Many projects will give you a special “thank you” shout-out or even a print & play version of the game for pledging $1 – so there is often a benefit to you as well!

How do I join?

The B4B Challenge is entirely voluntary, and you can complete the challenge at any time by backing 10 board game related projects during this month. However, to officially accept the challenge head over to the B4B Board Game Geek thread to let us know you’ve joined. Post a reply letting us know you’re with us – and then you can update that reply later on to include the names of the games you backed. If you’ve accepted the challenge we encourage you to share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Use hashtag #B4BChallenge.

I’m a Kickstarter project creator. How can I get my game recommended as the “Project of the Day”?

We love to support indie game designers, publishers, and accessory manufacturers. Any current Kickstarter project owner with a board game or board game related project may have their game listed as a “Project of the Day”. All we ask in return is that you spread the news of the B4B Challenge to your fans via your e-mail list, Kickstarter project, and/or social networks. E-mail us to have your project featured.

I have another question!

Ask it in the comments below or on our BGG thread.