Merry Christmas! I hope you have been enjoying Today in Board Games. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on things. I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting and planning this past month and I wanted to take a moment to make you all aware of my plans:

Holiday Season – The Christmas Eve issue of Today in Board Games will be the last full issue until Monday, January 6. Our family takes an annual family vacation over the holidays and I intend to step back from my responsibilities to some extent during that time. Issues will continue to be published (though on an adjusted schedule, see below) – but will only include News Items and the curated links – there will be no game write-ups or B4B Challenge Picks. There will also be no Week in Review podcast published on either Christmas or New Year’s weeks. The podcast will resume with a new episode on or around January 12.

New Publication Schedule – I’ve got some exciting new things planned for Today in Board Games, but bringing them to fruition will take some extra time. Therefore beginning next week Today in Board Games is moving from five to three issues per week. New issues will be published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, though in the case of a holiday issues may be delayed or expedited by a day for the remainder of the week (Christmas and New Years weeks will publish Monday, Tuesday, Friday). At this time I am uncertain if this change will be temporary or permanent  – I intend to evaluate it for a period of time and then decide.

Into 2014 – As I mention above, I have a number of plans in the works for the TiBG brand, much of it based on the feedback I received from you via the several surveys we’ve conducted. My goal is to expand the site to provide features you’ve requested – features that Board Game Geek and other websites are either not providing or not managing well.

A minor change worth noting: Beginning in 2014 I will begin posting written interviews with game designers to the TiBG blog rather than the blog. They seem to fit better with what is going on here. will change to be focused more specifically on game design prior to the publication stage.

I sincerely welcome any feedback you may have – I’d love to get your thoughts on how I can make TiBG a more useful resource for you. Before you move on to the next thing, would you mind leaving a comment here or e-mailing me at to let me know your opinion?

Thanks for being part of the TiBG community! I look forward to serving you in the upcoming year!

Roger Hicks