Thanks for ordering one of our marketing packages! We will contact you shortly via e-mail.

We will need the following information to complete your order. Please e-mail the below information to us.

Banners – 

We currently have two banner sizes: 468×60 and 300×250. You can submit as many banners as desired in each size – we will split available banner impressions between them. There is no hard size limit for banner files and all standard file types are accepted (including animated gif).

A Link to Your Project – 

We need a link to your Kickstarter project (or a preview link if you haven’t launched yet). If you are not advertising a Kickstarter project please provide us a link to the website you wish to direct banner and social clicks to.

A Brief Marketing Paragraph for your Project –

If you purchased the Premium or Elite packages we will feature your project at the top of an upcoming issue of the Today in Board Games newsletter. We will feature an image (typically your Kickstarter project image) and a long paragraph of text to give readers a quick overview of your project. Please provide us with the text copy you would like to use.