Merry Christmas Giveaway!

Merry Christmas from Board Game Innovation and Today in Board Games. We’ve partnered to bring you an exciting holiday giveaway! The winner will get one copy of Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of the Beagle* from Portal / Z-Man Games, along with a full set of matching fantastic overlays from Board Game Innovation. If you haven’t seen these overlays yet take a look – they make organizing and holding your game pieces a cinch!

Close up of character name etching on Robinson Crusoe:Voyage of the Beagle Health Trackers.The giveaway will be open until midnight on Friday, January 2, 2015 and a winner will be announced in a future issue of Today in Board Games. You can get your initial entries now using the widget below, then come back each day to share about the giveaway and earn bonus entries!

* NOTE: The plastic shrink has been removed only to verify sizing for the overlay trackers and insert the overlays into the box. Z-Man Games version.

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2015 Giveaway Winners

  • Andy M. – Voyage of the Beagle w. Overlays (Courtesy of Board Game Innovation)

2014 Giveaway Winners

  • Joshua L. – Mage Wars + Forged in Fire Expansion (Courtesy of Arcane Wonders)
  • Maurice F. – Police Precinct / Snitch (Courtesy of Common Man Games)
  • Ryan L. – Dark Horse + Kickstarter expansions (Courtesy of Knight Works)
  • Christian M. – Deluxe Tiny Epic Kingdoms + TEK Character Meeple Set (Courtesy of Gamelyn Games and Meeple Source)
  • Dave T. – Voluspa & Voluspa: Order of the Gods (Courtesy of Stronghold Games)
  • Steve M. – Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia (Courtesy of Stonemaier Games)

2013 Giveaway Winners

  • Randy N. – $80 Funagain Games Gift Certificate
  • Noah M. – Eldritch Horror
  • Lenny S. – Dungeon Roll (Courtesy of Tasty Minstrel Games)
  • Peter S. – Caverna
  • David M. – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  • Lance C. – Twilight Struggle
  • Raman O. – Firefly the Game
  • J. R. – Lie Your Face Off! (Courtesy of John Bintz)
  • Justin M. – Space Cadets: Dice Duel (Courtesy of Stronghold Games)
  • Charles K. – Dungeon Heroes (Courtesy of Gamelyn Games)
  • Mark M. – Lords of Waterdeep
  • Stephen S. – Ad Man! (Courtesy of Steve Robbins Games)
  • Nancy F. – Wrangled (Courtesy of Harpy Games)
  • Nate H. – $50 5th Street Games Prize Pack
  • Chad C. – Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
  • Scott D. – Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia
  • Michael C., Hank P., Christopher C. – Dice Boxes & Dice from Daft Concepts
  • Andrew B. – Viticulture + Uncut Card Sheets (Portions Courtesy of Stonemaier Games)
  • Jordan H. – Time & Space