A new land has emerged from the ashes of the old empire. Factions have risen to compete for the throne. Can you be the first to lay claim to the island of Ibyron?

Develop your land from farm to city and be the first to build your civilization from the resources the island of Ibyron offers… Come, discover a new world…!

Ibyron: Island of Discovery is a two-tiered worker placement game wherein players all work the land of a newly-discovered island to build their city the biggest before the other players. Using building and movement mechanics for the Outside phase, supported by a Worker Placement on the Village Phase, each player will design their own city.

There is a race to the end game, but getting there will support many strategies. The first player to build a complete working city, wins.

Now, available at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/ibyron:-island-of-discovoery

A BIG thanks goes out to Wayne Dorrington for the beautiful artwork that were it not for, Ibyron would not have been released.