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Sep 18, 2015 – Issue #287

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Dueling Samurai

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Take control of a famous Samurai and use your cards to bolster your forces, bribe enemies, attack and promote new samurai generals. When these samurai generals meet in the battle field the fight zooms in on the two Dueling Samurai. Engage with Feudal Japan through the 146 game cards that bring you into the era: Spying, Assassination, Ninja Attacks, Navy, Snipers, Brothels, Festivals, Ceremony, Religious Conversion, Sumo, Ronin, Pirates, Bandits, Bribery, Hostages, Volcanoes, Typhoons, Tornados, and more! Dueling Samurai is for 2-4 players and features a variable game length to fit whatever amount of time you have to play. Battles are epic but are resolved quickly so as not to delay the game. Check out Dueling Samurai on Kickstarter now and reserve your copy of this miniature heavy game for just $79!

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Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison

“If you are stuck on a design, play it with someone new. New eyes bring new perspectives.” – Peter Gousis
“Play a TON of games. And very different games at that. More experience is just more tools to draw from.” – Ben Pinchback
“If a design isn’t working, kill it. It’s tough but for the best. Fail fast. Move on.” – Ben Pinchback
“When designing a game, if you restrict yourself based on components or box size, then it helps to focus your mind.” – Michael Mindes


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