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Oct 8, 2015 – Issue #290

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Hero Dice

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Hero Dice (from Skies of Dice) is a dice-based competitive role-playing game where everyone is trying to become the most famous Hero. Every player has a die for their race, class, and ability they start with, and can change by striking their own die with rolls during the game. On each turn you roll a game die to decide if you battle another player, fight a Bandit, or gain Fame/Infamy. You can spend Fame/Infamy in combat and recruiting hirelings. Focusing on dice gives a great chance to experiment with different gameplay you wouldn’t find normally with a board game or deck-builder. One moment you’re an Elven Warrior, countering enemy weakness, and the next you’re a Griffin Mage, able to mimic what your opponent can do. Take a look at Hero Dice on Kickstarter and reserve your copy for only $59!

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Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison

“A mechanic being mathematically satisfying isn’t the same as it being fun to play. In game design, make sure you don’t confuse the two.” Fred Hicks


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