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Nov 24, 2015 – Issue #297

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Wizard Survival

Project image

In Wizard Survival from Crit Publishing each player controls a single, extremely powerful wizard wielding a unique magical ring. Solitary heroes are tasked with defending their ancestral home from the impending, merciless doom – countless hordes of mana-infected beasts. Through its limited global mana pool and constantly invading monsters, Wizard Survival pits players against one another at every turn. You will be constantly making hard decisions, particularly how best to serve yourself while helping as few of your enemies as possible. Full-copy pledges on Kickstarter start at just $45, take a look!

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Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison

“Don’t pitch a game to a publisher until you envision it on the store shelf as-is (design-wise), and are happy with that. Then also don’t be surprised or upset if a publisher wants to do some development changes.” – Seth Jaffee
“Step out of your comfort zone. Try to design something different than you have done before. It may help with a current or future game.” – Peter Gousis


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