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Jul 25, 2017 – Issue #385

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Argent: The Consortium

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Welcome to Argent University, the premiere magical institution in the World of Indines! The previous University Chancellor has announced his resignation, and the race is on to fill the empty seat. Espionage and Bribery are the classic tools, but you also have powerful magic spells, artifacts looted from the university’s vaults, and your student aides to do your bidding.

Argent was published in 2015, and became a favorite among gamers for its hybrid of American and Euro-style play. Though you have a variety of powers at your disposal, turns are tight and every choice matters. Figuring out the best course of action is always difficult, and players must use all sorts of tricks and diplomacy in order to get the upper hand.

Argent is not your typical worker-placement game. Mages wield powers to hinder and displace one another. Players cast spells to interfere with opponents and upend expectations. Treasures provide aggressive and defensive tools, and supporters can quickly shift the balance of power in any direction. Even the conditions for victory are uncertain-until you are able to spy on the Consortium and learn them!

The updated second edition of Argent is available on Kickstarter now from Level 99 games. Get your copy for just $60!

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