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Feb 10, 2018 – Issue #410

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THE PIT: The Board Game

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The agents of SOLFORCE have been given a mission – infiltrate THE PIT, a diabolical alien super-laboratory, and destroy the alien mastermind in command. THE PIT: The Board Game is a sci-fi dungeon-crawler adventure set in the SWORD OF THE STARS universe of video games. 1-4 Players take control of 4 SOLFORCE operatives as they make their way through the hallways and rooms of THE PIT. Players take turns searching for supplies, looting rooms, and battling monsters as they make their way deeper and deeper into the facility. To win a game of THE PIT: The Board Game, Players must defeat the Lord of the Pit on the final floor.

THE PIT is on Kickstarter now – reserve your copy for just $60 US!

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“Know what words you want to hear players using. Those words are a great way to tell if your design is immersive.” – JR Honeycutt


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