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Aug 29, 2015 – Issue #283

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We’ve got a bunch of quotes curated by Cardboard Edison this week thanks to #ShareAGameDesignTip. Cardboard Edison is the ultimate source for game designers – be sure to have a look if you haven’t already!

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Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison

“When play testing a game, if a player asks ‘can I do this fun thing?’ The answer should almost always be ‘˜yes!'” – Matthew O’Malley (@BlackOakGames)

“Think about why your tester said something, not just what they said.” – Paul Peterson (@warewolf00)

“Make it smaller. Then make it smaller again. Until you can’t anymore.” – John du Bois (@JohnduBois)

“Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and will never, ever let you get by with subpar work.” – Jason D. Kingsley (@JasonDKingsley)

“Don’t start with what players do, but rather what you want players to think about. Then focus the mechanics from there.” – J. Alex Kevern (@AlexWithIdeas)

“Don’t add something to your game just because it should be there. Add it because it can’t be left out.” – Nat Levan (@OakleafGames)

“If you want your game to be published, consider the publisher part of the audience.” – Steven Cole (@steveongames)

“Designing a game is an exploration. Guess to start. Seek to learn. No decision is final that isn’t informed by play.” – Jay Treat (@jtreat3)

“The ending of a game should feel consistent with the rest. Once the middle is fun, try different ways to end it.” – Randy Hoyt (@randyhoyt)

“Listen intently to your playtesters, but rarely do what they say. You must filter the info to deduce the real problem.”- David Short (@dshortdesign)

“There are types of gamers, know which type you are designing for and remember, it’s not always you.” – Luke Peterschmidt (@LPeterschmidt)

“Test your Minimum Viable Game. Don’t work on a broken game longer than you need to.” – @AndHeGames

“Note which rule or mechanic players always get wrong the same way. Try to make it actually work that way.” – Darrell Hardy (@HardyTales)

“‘Perfect’ is the enemy of improvement. Stop searching for the perfect mechanism and focus on making your design better.” – Matt Wolfe (@mattwolfe)

“Playtest playtest playtest – when you think you’re done, do it more. Blind tests are even better.” – JR Honeycutt (@JayAhre)

“Get a prototype on the table ASAP. One minute of table time is worth an hour of solitary noodling.” – Daniel Solis (@DanielSolis)

“Determine your target audience early, and tailor your design choices with them in mind.” – Seth Jaffee (@sedjtroll)

“Consider removing rules that take too long to explain for what they add to your game.” – Meeple Syrup (@MeepleSyrup)


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