Maha Yodha is a two-player strategy card game set in the ancient and mystical world of Indian mythology. Maha Yodha is simple to learn yet has a lot of strategic depth, making it interesting for both new and seasoned gamers.

You just don’t find too many games that have Indian (Hindu) mythology and for that it makes this game not only unique but definitely play worthy!


The game is great fun to play; the rules are easy to follow since there these basic rules:

  • Each player starts with 20 lives, there are 2 decks and each person will take a deck and shuffle
  • The first player initially gets six cards discarding 1 card before playing AND they can’t attack on the first turn
  • The second player CAN attack on their turn but they can only draw 5 cards
  • The game ends when you are out of lives

The cards will have the action, faction, name of the character and some back story of that character. I love the fact that it has the back story or history of the character, I am a history nut and by knowing more about the character it helps me get more into the game.


The cards are simply beautifully done, very self-explanatory and make this game fun and easy to play. the detail that went into the cards is exquisite! All the information and history of the characters really helps to make the game fun and a family favorite.

Final Thoughts:

By keeping the rules simple and all the information about each character on the cards it makes this game perfect for the beginning players. I found that it helped to make the game fun and engaging. As we were playing the family joined in and wanted to play the winner plus they were shouting out tips to each side to help the players along.