Promotional Services

As a game designer/publisher or accessory developer you’ve spent a long time to make a quality product: endless rounds of playtesting, sourcing artwork, and choosing the best components. Now it’s time to share what you’ve worked hard on with the community! To have a successful launch you need to let people know what you’ve done! Don’t let your Kickstarter project or release fail because no one sees it. Today in Board Games can help you get noticed.

Every day thousands of gamers rely upon the Today in Board Games newsletter and podcast to get up to date information on the latest Kickstarter releases and gaming news. Our promotional services are tailored to get interested gamers looking at what you have to offer.

What we do: We spread the word about your strategy board, card or dice game, board gaming accessory, or gaming related blog or podcast. Most any game targeted to hobby board gamers will be a good fit. We have also had success in promoting children’s / family games, RPGs, digital board games, and other geek-centric items. Check with us to see if your game or product would be a good fit with our audience.

What we don’t do: Today in Board Games is a family-friendly company so we recommend you look for other avenues to promote games and other products encouraging drug and alcohol use, containing nudity or sexual themes, or otherwise targeted only to an 18+ crowd. This includes drinking games and innuendo party games. If you’re not sure, check with us.

Marketing Packages

See below for detailed explanation of individual services. We accept payment for marketing services via Paypal – you can order directly from this page.

$49.00 US
10,000 Banner Impressions
5 Social Media Mentions
Best For: Final 2 weeks of a Kickstarter campaign; minimal budget projects
$79.00 US
30,000 Banner Impressions
10 Social Media Mentions
Newsletter Feature
Best For: Full-length Kickstarter campaigns, game or accessory releases
$109.00 US
50,000 Banner Impressions
20 Social Media Mentions
Newsletter Feature
Best for: Maximum exposure for your Kickstarter or published release.

Banner Impressions – We currently have two banner sizes: 468×60 and 300×250. You can submit as many banners as desired in each size – we will split available banner impressions between them. There is no hard size limit for banner files and all standard file types are accepted (including animated gif and flash). Banner impressions will be delivered over a period of time – we can time this to coincide with your Kickstarter project or release. Banner ads are delivered across our network of gaming-related websites.

Social Mentions – We recommend your game or product to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers. Each mention includes a link to your website or Kickstarter page. When possible mentions are spaced out to be delivered every few days for maximum exposure.

Newsletter Feature – We feature your game or product at the top (above-the-fold) of one of our newsletter issues. The feature includes an image, a long-paragraph of text describing your game and a link to your website or Kickstarter project. There is only one feature spot available in each issue and due to its prominence it tends to be one of the most clicked links in the entire issue. Each newsletter issue is read by over 2,500 gamers and is distributed via e-mail, the TiBG blog, and on Board Game Geek.

Value Pledge

Our goal at Today in Board Games is two-fold:

  1. Provide a valuable service to hobby board gamers by providing a regular curated summary of board game news, articles, and reviews as well as promoting the hobby by publishing regular content of interest to gamers.
  2. Help top-quality game designers, publishers, accessory manufacturers, website owners, and other industry professionals promote their games and other products and services to interested gamers.

Our ultimate desire with our promotional services is to provide excellent value both to you the product or service provider and to the readers. Therefore we will decline any services if we don’t believe it will be of value to both you and our audience.

Success Stories

Check out the slideshow below to see some of the great Kickstarter projects we’ve helped blow past their funding goal: