Spell_Stealers_boxInitially, as with any game, learning the dice, what they mean and how to use them effectively was a bit challenging but once I did understand it all came together wonderfully.

 The object of Spell Stealers is to be the first person to reach the magic spell inside the temple. The twist is that along the way your opponents can steal your points. You roll the dice and advance by collecting artifacts if the colors on the dice match. When your dice match you collect the points but unlike other dice games instead of it being the end of your turn you can choose to take a chance and roll again to collect more points BUT if your dice don’t match on the next roll you lose all the artifacts and can’t advance. Now here is the fun part! Your opponent can steal your points by rolling more than you on their dice and advancing by that number, however, should they roll less they go back by that amount.

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Spell Stealers is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and is not a published product yet so I was playing on a prototype. The cards, dice and game pieces are well made, but I would like to see higher quality components (such as the thicker gameboard). With that being said the  final version of the game the steal tokens will be twice as thick and the gameboard will be 25% thicker than the prototype.

I absolutely love this game! Spell Stealers is great for playing with the family, kids always the risk takers make the game not only interesting but FUN FUN FUN!!!!! This one will soon be a favorite on Family Game Night.