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Mar 17, 2015 – Issue #258

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Hands in the Sea

Project image
Hands in the Sea is a new twist on an old favorite from Knight Works. Inspired by Martin Wallace’s A Few Acres of Snow, Hands uses the core deck-building area-control mechanic while providing a radical new play experience with new mechanics and deeper strategies. Set during the First Punic War, Hands is a 1v1 battle between ancient Rome and Carthage. Maneuver your troops and navies to overcome the enemy and claim victory. Multiple paths to victory ensure no two games play alike.
I had the chance to demo Hands in the Sea at BGG.Con last fall and can personally vouch for the quality of this game. It’s already well over-funded on Kickstarter – grab your copy now for only $50.

Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison

“When designing games there’s no substitute for actual playtesting. It may work perfectly in your head. That’s usually not true in reality.” – Ed Marriott

“Be as objective as you can without discouraging yourself. Be as hard on your own games as you are to the games that you play on a normal game night, but don’t let that discourage you and let you stop making games.” – J. Alex Kevern

“Listen to yourself. If you ever find yourself wanting to apologize for some aspect of your design, take note of it! See if there’s a way you can remove it.” – Matt Leacock


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