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Aug 13, 2014 – Issue #211



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TiBG Designer Interview Series

Cody Walsh – Tavern Brawl

“Most of my ideas come at the most random times, and often while I’m doing something completely unrelated to games. Tavern Brawl however was just the opposite. I was working on another game and while writing some flavor text, I wrote about a bar fight that broke out between a couple of adventurers. It hit me quickly what a fun mini game it could be and how relevant the theme was. It’s such a classic scenario! It wasn’t long before I realized it could be a great game on its own, and so the designing began!….” (read the rest)

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GenCon is here! Starting today I’m at the convention and will be conducting a multitude of interviews throughout the week to be published on the Dice Tower News podcast and our own Week in Review show. Hit me up on Twitter (@BobTHJ) if you would like to meet up to play a game or chat. I’ll also be manning the Dice Tower Network booth on Thursday from Noon to 1PM and Sunday from 3PM to 4PM! – Roger


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Should I Buy This?

Kanban (2014)
Publisher: Stronghold Games
Details: 2-4 Players, 120 Minutes
Surveyed Gamers Say:
0.00% Own and Love
22.22% Plan to Buy
44.44% Will Try It First
11.11% Might Play It
0.00% It Wasn’t for Me
22.22% Not Interested

Board Game Geek
Stronghold Games ($41.97 pre-order)
Cool Stuff Inc. ($41.99 pre-order)

Should I Buy is taking a hiatus for a week due to GenCon!


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