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Aug 11, 2014 – Issue #210



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Adreas Propst – AWE

“I like to call AWE an “Austronesian” undertaking as I hail from Austria and the initial spark that lead to the conception of AWE actually came from my dear friend and business partner Widodo Pangarso from Indonesia. Widodo had worked as an aritst for a couple of my other games projects, most notably Elemental Clash, and one day, he casually said “how about we make a game together?” I could not resist such a bold proposal and thus the initial inspiration for AWE was given. As a matter of fact I had this theme of antediluvian, meaning “before the flood” in a literal sense and meaning “ancient”in general, high civilizations waging war on each other, for a prehistoric world full of dinosaur riders and similarly crazy stuff, on my mind for a long time…..” (read the rest)

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Secrets of the Lost Tomb

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Secrets of the Lost Tomb from Everything Epic Games was a blowout success on Kickstarter last fall and now its back in an awesome upgraded version. This pulp action co-op game puts players in the role of adventurers exploring a ancient tomb and attempting to contain the horrors within to prevent them being unleashed on the world. The new version is a major upgrade available to both backers of the original project and to newcomers expanding the game to include a large number of high quality miniatures as well as new additional content. Get in on Secrets of the Lost Tomb on Kickstarter while you can!


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Camel Up (2014)
 Z-Man Games
Details: 2-8 Players, 30 Minutes
Surveyed Gamers Say:
26.67% Own and Love
6.67% Plan to Buy
20.00% Will Try It First
13.33% Might Play It
0.00% It Wasn’t for Me
33.33% Not Interested

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