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Feb 25, 2015 – Issue #252
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We are re-launching the Today in Board Games newsletter this week with a great new giveaway! This week you can win a copy of Star Wars: Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games! You can enter now on the contest page. The contest is open through 11:59 MST on Tuesday evening, March 3, 2015. You can come back each day and gain additional entries.

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Titans of Empyrean

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Take to the skies as fierce monsters of legend battle each other for supremacy. Titans of Empyrean from Nine Kingdoms (makers of ApocalypZe) is a tactical combat game where every decision counts! Each player takes control of a team of mythical winged beasts (Dragons, Pegasi, Manticores, or Griffins) as they battle it out against their opponent in a last-man-standing combat. Employ your advanced maneuver cards to outperform your foe and claim victory, but be careful – cards double as health – run out and your champions will fall to their doom.
I personally got the chance to demo Titans of Empyrean at Unpub 5 earlier this month and I wholeheartedly endorse this game. The combination of card management and board position made for a ton of interesting, strategic choices. You can back the game now on Kickstarter for just $39.

Don’t Turn Your Back

Evil Hat Productions
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See it now on Kickstarter

Designer Wisdom

Curated By Cardboard Edison


“The only way to make a game is to make a game. Then be horrified that it is awful. Then fix it. And repeat. The trick is to not give up, to explore false paths, to find dead ends – and then keep doing it.” – Rob Daviau
“Test as early as you can and learn how to ruin your game from the start. Test your game as you are forming the idea. Use a lot of thought experiments.” – Chris Renshall
“For early prototypes, use what’s on hand. Borrow art from the web, if you want art. Don’t spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel.” – Brett Myers

“It’s okay to not put a mediocre thing on Kickstarter just because you’ve spent a lot of time on it.” – Jamey Stegmaier

“Try the simple stuff first. Add complexity only when needed.” – Ed Marriott

“Absolutely love your design. Ask people to point out its flaws.” – Chip Beauvais

“Playtesting is the lifeblood of game design. It’s not just a way to make sure your game works, it’s a way to reveal questions that you can answer, even after you think the game is totally done.” – Dave Chalker
“The most important aspect of designing small, light games, is to make sure they have plenty of hard decisions to make in them.” –Nevermore Games
“Finish your designs. It’s fun to keep starting new projects, but only finished games are the best they can be.” – Andrew Federspiel

“Your job as a designer is not to please everyone. You can’t be everyone’s favorite game. Make a killer game for someone and you.” – Grant Rodiek “Get your ideas on the table. Do it every chance you get. Make new chances and test it then too.” – Kevin G. Nunn


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