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June 6, 2014 – Issue #182
Apologies everyone! A very busy week means Friday June 6th’s issue is posting on Saturday June 7th. Thanks for your patience! – Roger


  • Between the Shadows is the next deluxe expansion for the Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight
  • GMT Games has partnered with Playdek to bring you a digital edition of Twilight Struggle


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Here’s this week’s upcoming twitter chats hosted by the Ministry of Board Games:

#BoardGameHour – Monday June 9th at, 2pm Eastern Time, 7pm UK
Topic – Immersion in games
Brief outline – How much do you “get into” a game? What games suck you in? What pulls you out of a game? What do you do to add atmosphere etc
#BoardGamersAsk – Wednesday June 11th at, 2pm Eastern Time, 7pm UK
Guest –  Brotherwise Games
Brief Biog –  An independent game publisher founded by Chris and Johnny O’Neal. They Kickstarted their game Boss Monster raising $215,056!
#BoardGameVs – Thursday June 12th at 3pm Eastern Time, 8pm UK
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Ultimate Battle

Ultimate Battle is the exciting new sketching game from Gamerite. Player combine the items on their cards in simple sketches and then launch them as attacks against their opponent. You can use the remaining cards in your hand to sketch out a defense for yourself against incoming attacks. Ultimate Battle is very free-form but has a devilish dose of strategy as you best combine your cards to launch and repel deadly attacks. It’s tough to capture the excitement of this unique game in a single paragraph, so do yourself a favor and go check out the Kickstarter video. While you are there you can pledge for your own copy for just $25.


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Tactical Excellent Choices

A review of “Brave the Elements” – By Michelle Mazala

Discover a land of wonder where the ability to control the four elements – Fire, Air, Earth and Water – has become second nature. Conjure powerful disasters and infiltrate your opponents’ societies while developing your own and defending it from harm. Brave the Elements, designed by Miles Ratcliffe and managed by Chaos Publishing, is a 40 – 80 minute tactical resource management game for 2-4 players…..(read the rest)

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